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Friday February 27th 2015

Here is my first Web Site

Hello and welcome to My Journals


My friend and I walked in as the group was being instructed on the activity for the evening. There would have been at least thirty young people present. The activity was to pick out of a box, that would be passed around, three pieces of paper on which were written Biblical topics. Each was to choose one of the topics and give a ten-minute talk. I wanted to leave! Me give a talk! Impossible! I couldn’t speak to a group of people at the best of times let alone people I hardly knew! Then I decided that my friend and I should stay. (my friend wanted to leave as much as I did!)

It would have been easy for us to leave, as no one had seen us arrive. But I sensed that the Lord wanted us to stay. Then the words ‘The Bible the inspired Word of God’ flashed through my mind. I can remember thinking, ‘Yes I know the Bible is the inspired Word of God’ and as promptly as they had popped into my mind, they were gone!

I was the last to take the pieces of paper out of the box. The first piece of paper I unraveled had the words on it ‘The Bible the Inspired Word of God!’ I gave the ten minutes talk without any trouble!

I was only able to do that because the Lord had spoken to me!

I believe that the most important activity for a new Christian to be involved in is to develop their communication with the Lord and to be able to recognize His voice. I am very grateful to the Lord that I have always had a close relationship with Him. I guess it was because I was very reserved and instead of going to others with my problems, I went straight to theLord. So I learnt to hear His voice early in my walk.

During the year 1989 I learnt to ‘dialogue’ with the Lord. That is I would write down that which I received from Him, like the voice gift of prophecy, except the words are written down instead of spoken. I would write what I wanted to say to the Lord and He would reply. Over the years I have filled seven large pads (journals) and am well into my eighth.

Usually the words written in these journals are private and they are treated as such – words to me personally, the Lord instructing me, encouraging me, reproving and at times, rebuking. Since I have been exercised this way, my relationship with the Lord has taken on a new dimension. Some of the things that have been written are very personal. Others, I feel now, should be shared with the God’s children everywhere.

The Lord has always addressed me in my journals with the words ‘My child’ or ‘My beloved child.’ I wondered why that was. Why He didn’t address me by my Name? I thought that it was because one day I will have a new Name.

It wasn’t until I was at a get-together, recently, at a friend’s house and read a couple of the latest entries to those who were present, mentioning the fact that the Lord has never used my name but has only addressed me the way I have already mentioned, that I feel I now understand why. One of those present had remarked, ‘The Lord has addressed you with ‘My child’ or ‘My beloved child’ because the things that have been written are for the body of Christ, as we are all His children and that I should put the contents of my journals into a book, so that others can read them and benefit from them.

The book – My Child My Beloved One The Apple of Mine Eye – is the result of that remark.

My prayer is that you, the reader, will be able to receive the encouragement and the blessings that I have received and am still receiving due to these entries.

My prayer also is that the Lord will bless you and speak to you through this book and meet you at your point of need, revealing Himself more fully to you, as He has to me. As you read the following pages, remember it is written as I have received it, that is, in the first person. Sometimes there will be that which I have wanted to say, some I have placed as a footnote together with scriptures that support that which I believe is from the Lord. Others, for clarity, I have left as I wrote them (my words are in italics) due to the Lord’s answer, which came as a direct result of what I had written. Still others are written as a conversation would flow, particularly in the early days when I was just ‘learning’ to journal.

Other times the Lord impressed thoughts to be written without me having anything in particular in mind. Also the Lord would draw on something I may have been reading in His Word or had experienced days before I journeled. There were times He saw how I had reacted in a situation and after a rebuke instructed me how to deal with like situations in the future.

The things I experience are not just pertaining to me. What we suffer or go through others also do as well. 1So with the ‘comfort with which we have been comforted with we can also comfort others’. The instructions I received were always encouraging and uplifting. I always felt strengthened, and at times bolder.

There are many times after the Lord encouraged me that I would fall back into the same pattern again, particularly handling negative situations. At times I felt that I must be a very slow learner.

I feel in writing this that I am exposing to you my innermost thoughts that have been, up until now, just between the Lord and me. I pray that you will be able to sense my heart’s desire in these words.

1 ‘…that we may be able to comfort those…with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.’ II Cor. 1:4

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Here is my first Web Site

Here is my first Web Site

Hello and welcome to My Journals Introduction My friend and I walked in as the group was being instructed on the [Read More]

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